Thursday, March 17

Moist Chocolate Peanut butter cupcake

Wah panjangnya nama tu cupcake kan.

On monday i baked this cupcake, rajin cause i just bought some extra ingredients for my baking stuff and teda makanan bah mau d makan2 lau tengah online LOL.

So this is the cupcake :

Actually the peanut butter is not on the recipe, i makeover it ^^ also the choco-chip on top of the cupcake.

Kecewa sikit sa ni cause i'm still not good on spooning the amount of the batter that i should spoon into the cupcake paper, tengok la rupa dia... not balance! need to practice more! *semangat* ^^

Some Dania's picture recently :

She said ' bye.....' to me dengan happy nya ketawa ketawa lagi. (tekejut ni tiba2 dia pandai naik atas tu meja!)

Then mau try turun.... tapi masi takut2 lagi.

Last last she shouted and cry cause she couldn't go down from the table, i had to hold her hand baru dapat turun. *sa kasi biar dia skejap tu menangis* lucu betul!

Oh this the other day she's sick, demam. pun masi active.

Tonight i've just realized about Dania. this past few days she will raise her voice whenever she's not happy or disagree for something and since she's been watching Monster Inc i realized that i think she followed the little girl's attitude in that movie. cute but sometimes can be annoying.

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