Tuesday, February 15

Random photo

First of all warning too many picture!

These are some picture from our (me & Dania) recent activity from kk to keningau to tawau.

This is Dania recent picture. big girl already. 1 year and 4 months.

me with c pom pom, rambut baru konon.

i love this pic! dania told me that she wanna wear the spec.

at Lintas plaza. budak terlepas dari dukungan then run here and there.

as usual she like to play with clothes! (at keningau)

i dressed her up like avril konon lol... semat juga la.

being naughty with her new stool.

at gunung alab (near gunung emas) on the way back to kk. love the food there.

ni lah kerja c Dania tengok cd dia saja...

we were at the le'meridien having high-tea macam and that big christmas tree area Dania run round and round and i have to follow her. gila ni.

she forced me to put the puppy on her lap then i took picture of her. perfect.

both of us with pretty christmas decoration at le'meridien.

hahahaaa kegelian tu rumput! it was so funny that time.

recent photo with her friend Loraine, same age with her. makan saja kerja dorang ni.

i don't know why but every toddler will put herself inside something like this.
small box pun she tried to fit herself in.

haaa ni lah kerja Dania everyday... menyemakan rumah.. her books will be everywhere.

she love to do that!! cute.

first time i let her eat the chicken drumstick by herself.

with Loraine's lil brother Lester. Dania just woke up that time.

Last but not least Dania's baby picture when she was only 2 months.
i miss her.


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Sedapnya dia makan tu drumstick.

Bliss Anne said...

hahahaa...tdk hbs juga dia makan..;p oya ada bah sa mau tny2 ko about baby ni dri ur experience,try to cari ur emel at ur blog tp mcm teda pla....