Sunday, December 12

Remember it.

I wanna list a few things that Dania is really fond into. For me to remember incase i re-read my old post in the future. so that i will remember that moment that i had.

1. Plush toys. especially teddy bear and her meoww-meoww (that's what Dania called it).

this her meoww-meoww...

2. Umbrella. she still can't say the word but whenever she see it on tv or in book or at the street where people are using it she will get all excited. now she call it like ' bbuurrr ' (i think) lol.

image via here

3. Ball. any kind of ball. she'll love it! she called it ' baaaa '.

image via here

4. Bubbles. she love to play bubble, especially during bath time. she'll ask me to splash the water so that the bubbles will appear. she called it ' bubba '.

image via here

5. Flower. any kind of flower if you show her she will stare at it and babbling. i'm not so sure how she pronounce it though.

image via here

6. Book. Dania love love love book! she love if you show her with your finger and do some act while reading it to her.

image via here

7. Shoe. she can't see any shoe, if not she definitely want to wear it at that moment. whether it was an adult shoe or her own shoe she WANT to wear it. she called it ' shoss '. i think she's just like me shoe lover lol.

image via here

8. Cat. she really like to see cat. anywhere she will get sooo excited. whenever she see one she will say ' meoww-meoww ' while patting her chest as if she caressing it. so cute.

image via here

9. Balloon. she called it ' buuuuu ' lol. whenever we stop by at the gas station she knows that there's so many balloon selling there. she will point at it and nod her head again and again meaning that she wants it.

This is Dania during her first birthday. surrounding with toys and her cousins.
i wish i could do her first birthday all over again.

Now she's 1 year and 3 months. very manja and like to show-off her attitude.

I'm going back to kk this Tuesday and i just hope that she will not be all cranky and please let her stay well.

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