Thursday, December 30


It's almost 3weeks im here in kk. from my mom's place to aunt's house, to keningau and so on...

if i have to put in percentage my enjoyment about this holiday, i'll say 60%.

there is alot of bad and good when you're away from home. kurang itu, kurang ini. but the most unsatisfying things for me is about lunch and dinner. here it is like " do your own things if you want it " so it NOT FUN at all. seriously everyday i'll get mad about it.

Last time when Mei is here was alot better. eventhough how busy she is, there's always time for us. i miss her. now is totally different. everybody and i mean EVERYBODY is changing already. not fun at all.
his attitude? getting worst. i am so dissappointed.

Actually staying at my in law was alot better than here.only there nothing much to do. but little Dania enjoyed her stay there last weekend. she's alot braver than before.

Well tomorrow is the last day for 2010. and this is my last post for this year. i just hope 2011 will be alot better. in a matter of myself, my own family, my other family, my little dania health and our financial plus happiness. and i want to be more mature and stronger in every way.


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