Wednesday, December 15

kk with love

Me and Dania arrived kk yesterday afternoon. it was tiring!! and my arm all hurt!

From the tawau airport carry my big handbag and Dania on both of my arm, waiting for our plane, hey waiting is tiring! then arrived kk airport carry Dania again from the plane to the damn airport (this is how airasia is) then i have to pull the trolley and wait (again) our luggage (1 big luggage, 1 med size and Dania's trolley) and i have to put it all myself on the trolley! so basically that's why my arm is in pain. plus again that day so many people from tawau flew back to kk, so it's crowded! hate!

Anyway i WILL TRY to enjoy ourselves here eventhough my mum and my sis is busy with their own activity *sigh*, kinda boring lah.

Dania's is very handful i can say since we were here. she wants to go here and there. go up and down the staircase!! (kebaruan tangga lol) then if you don't follow her if she wanna bring you she'll start to raise her voice, so annoying actually *sigh*

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Last but not list i want to say to myself "be strong anne!"

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