Wednesday, September 24


I know already what i will and want to buy! so excited.

1. Sunglasses

yeah... this size of shades and black color.
2. Contact lens

i can't decide what color i wanna buy. either the black or perky brown.

look at this japannese girl wearing lens and they look so good.
like most of them did surgery on their eyes kan.

3. Crystals to decorate my lappie

very nice right? but i'm not gonna do this pattern. i'll do the simple one only.
now i'm thinking where and which shop at kk i can find and buy this crystal.

4. Mouse (smaller size)

so cute right?! futhermore with the crystals. but this kind of mouse i wanna but. small and the wyre can be adjusted. i dunno yet what color.

and look at this laptop bag!! super super cute and pretty right!
huh.... i really want them.

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