Saturday, September 20

I want that!!

I wanna kill myself for being infront of my lappie since this afternoon till now! in my mind keep on saying go and rest but my body say the other way-which is go to my lappie. so pathetic.

anyway i forgot to post this pictures that i found last night.

what i want in this picture is the chandelier lamp and the zebra-stripes chair!
what i want in this picture is the cabinet la! i really like it.

what i want in this picture the bed and the drawer-cabinet!

what i want in this picture is..obviously the cabinet la!

i want the whole package! give me all the furniture. hehe

i want the bed and the drawer.

this room is french style so i want everthing!!
i want the black lamp hanging there!

huh so much fantasies.....
i don't know when i can fulfill my fantasy hahaa... but i wish it will soon when ney get transfer. this things will cost a lot of money right, but nevermind i'll get them one by one. hehehee...

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