Monday, September 29


Me and ney just got back from a birthday party of ney's friend's son. i thought i'm gonna be bored there but actually its ok. yeah....i had fun talking with the wife coz she had alot to talk about. then i reallized that if one day if i feel bored to death i can go to they house and talk2 to her.
ohh and we forgot to bring gift for the birthday boy, so ney have to cook food for them. hahaa...

In just 3hours i guess we are leaving for kk! and i not yet pack anything yet! and ney is sleeping coz they drink the tapai just now. and i have to do all this alone. i'm so tired plus again my period is now, so my back is killing me. imagine later 10 hour journey!? i'll faint!

ohh and this new layout i used, i love it. i didn't have time to edit them yet. and i still can't add the comment code. huh....

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