Monday, September 22

Missing & Disapointment

Last night i was watching Xia Xue's guide to life video about photoshop and she's teaching how she edit most of her picture on her blog. so after watching i want to try to edit my picture but i don't have photoshop yet, so i downloaded it on the internet.
so as i was editing this and that following xia xue way and at the end when i'm finish which the picture looks very2 nice compare to the original so i want to save the picture but it can't be save! so i'm confused lah! then i try click other button or whatever which have the 'save' word and a small window pop up saying that "photoshop tryout version cannot be save"
i'm so frustrated. so disapointed! i stayed up last night till 3 am for it!
stupid photoshop! huh!
so now i really really want to install it!

Guess what i found? my camera and its charger! been months it gone but now i found it back.
so i was thing about my things that've been missing from me, there's alot! yeah...

1. tweezer (missing twice!)
2. short pants
3. eye lash curler
4. pictures that i laminated since last year!
5. diamond earing! (my mum gonna kill me)
6. my panties (hahahaha)
7. hair clip (so many time already!!)
8. i'm still thinking what else....................i know there's still many.

i guess i'm very clumsy for putting my things here and there. hate it. ney always told me that i don't know how to keep my things in one place properly.
i think i need to organize back my things. and i need boxes or organizer or whatever.
i need a cabinet or a drawer!

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