Thursday, September 25

I can't help myself

To have this is what i want right now infront of me!! i crave for it. i need it. i want a bite of it and melt in my mouth.
Wah.....! so deep huh my words? what am i talking about?

my mind is goin crazy thinking about this mouthwatery melt in my mouth.
so this afternoon my sister Mei called me and talked about her pants and she want be to bring it back to kk. coz we like switched our pants. so she had mine and i had hers. so now she want her pants back and the one with her i can't wear anymore coz i lose weight ok. ok forget it, so after talking i asked her to tell my mum to make me blueberry chill cheesecake!! my mum makes the best cheesecake ever!
yes i crave for that delicious thing too! i demand to have it now. hahaa...
look at this, how can u say NO to this if it's infront of you?
i wanna faint. i can finish the whole thing! hahaa...
ohh and the chocolate thing i asked my aunt to bake them.
 please you guys......bake for me.......

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