Friday, September 26

Try to be positive

Guess what? i'm very rajin today to do chores hee. i sweep the floor, boil water, soak my shoes and etc.
i realize that i've been procrastinating so long already and it's i do some house work. and i'm so glad that i did. my head is in mess right now so doing house work make me forget my problem for awhile. and i'm trying so hard to be positive throughout this days and there's nobody for me to talk to about this.

anyway i loveeee AMAZING RACE ASIA!! i always dream that i was able to follow the competition haha. such a dreamer. so last night Pailin & Natalie from Thailand is out!

actually i didn't expect them to be eliminated this week but sadly they are. all because of Natalie (the right girl). because Pailin want to win so much but her partner already give up while doing the activity. so stupid!
and Natalie is a complainer too. she complained about being dirty, being in the hot sun, being in the bus for 24 hours and there's so many complained she made. she said again that she didn't sign up for TARA for all of the tiredness and dirtyness. and i feel so bad for Pailin coz she have to go through all of Natalie princessy attitude.

if only i can shout at Natalie's face and say "you are so stupid to realize that in TARA have to go through all this. didn't you watch the last season! bitch!"

okay this is the team that i really want them to get eliminate :

i don't hate tisha but her boyfriend geoff!
he is the biggest jerk ever and so selfish to death!

and this is the team that i really want them to win :

yes! support malaysian team!

now there's no letrik and my lappie's battery almost out.

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