Tuesday, September 23


Have you ever feel like you were no longer that good in picture? even taking photos? yeah... that's me.
when i found my camera yesterday i tried take myself photo (which everybody does that too ok) and i snap and snap and snap but all is ugly! yes ugly! what's wrong with me... last time when i still in kk me and my friends and my cousin used to camwhore together and everything is ok and fun, but now since i moved here i no longer take photo. and when in that long period of time 'holiday' from camwhore then one day you try do it again, everything photos seem sucks.


Last night after washing my face i want to take out my contact lens from my eyes because i felt the dryness on it already. so after taking off the right side, i tried to take off the left side and its so hard coz it stuck on my eye so hard *laugh* it hurt ok. so i force to pull it out then what i manage to pull out is just small piece of the lens! wtf??!! it's TORN all because of my nail!!
then i try to put the torn lens back on my eye to see if it still ok, and it hurt so badly! great! so now i have to wear my glasses all the time and wait till i back in kk to get my new lens. so stupid.

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