Saturday, September 20


I'm so hungry just now and i don't know what to eat coz i'm lazy to cook hehee... so the only thing that i'm thinking is nugget. so i cooked and made the dish like this :

what's the white thingy? its cheese lah. i do it like layers. first the tomato sos then the nugget then tomato sos again and finally the cheese.

well i'm suppose to wait for the cheese to melt but patient is not in me so i mix it all hahaa...
its super delicious!

anyway i hate the people who live here. why? coz most of them is sooo selfish and judgemental suckers. yes they are like that!
since i'm here i can't even wear my fav clothes like the sexy one or the fit one or anything that can-see-through one. actually i don't care in case like this, i will just wear what i want, but ney insist me. so irritating!

futhermore the parking space is also an issue for them who doesn't have any garage. so stupid right!

so this morning ney told me that his off is confirmed already! yea!
and we going back to kk on the 28th this month.
it's like 8 days counting!
can't wait!!!
so this time i can wear whatever i WANT!

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