Tuesday, September 16

la la la la laa

Me happy? ok lah, not that really really happy but ok.

yesterday i asked ney to go and buy me kuih but he said "i'm lazy lah, tomorrow la ok"
and i said (with irritated feeling) "ok lah"

so this afternoon i remind him to go and buy the kuih for me coz i'm very hungry that time. then he answer me with his lazy face
"alaa can i buy it tomorrow?",
then i said "yesterday also you said like that!!"
and he kept begging for forgiveness *laugh*
well actually im not that serious to want that kuih, but actually i want also. whatever.
but then we end up laughing about his silly attitude and we start talking about his work. yeah...he complained about how this guys at his work is so pain in the ass towards most of the worker there, and nobody likes this guys at all.
anyway i conclude with our conversation with
"let the guys act like that for now coz sooner or later they will receive balasan also that"
like KARMA bah that.

omg! few minutes ago my lappie suddenly 'hang' and i cant click on any program and i was so freaking scared that i might have to bring it to the computer shop to check what's the problem! then after i calm myself then i tried again to press the power button for quite a moment then suddenly everything went black. i was so so so relief!! so i on it back and it started as normally. thankgod! then i click mozzilla, luckily i've been asked if i want to restore last session, so yes. lucky me again the above thing that i typed before my lappie 'hang' is still there. phewwww....... so i don't have to type it back again.
anyhow i'm sure my laptop is something wrong already. i have no idea why and what it is. maybe i should bring it back to the computer shop for checkup.
then buang duit again. oh wait! it's still under warranty! so it's free! hehee

so here's the reason i quite satisfied for now :

i showed mei lastnight (while we skype-ing) my french manicure which i DIY myself, and she was like
"it's that french manicure? where did you do that? how much it cost?"
then i said "its free!!"
and she was like in amazed "ahhhh! you do it yourself?? how you do it??"
so i show her this :

yess! its my french manicure set.
only rm9 + at watson.

so now she wanna go and buy it too.
last night she showed me her picture with mike at Australia and she's wearing this outfit like victoria beckham. the all-wrapped-so-fit style, and the picture of her engagement ring. i don't know if it's true but whatever. so i actually i wanna pot out those picture but i don't know if i should do it. hhmmm....


last night i dreamed that i'm pregnant again! what's is wrong with me?? what's that suppose to mean? and in my dream i had a baby girl! *happily*


but in my dream i'm happy.
this is CRAZY!


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