Friday, September 19


So damn tired tonight. why? because from 8 pm until now ermm 1 am in the morning i was busy surveying for blog skin. but none of them are like perfectly useful. why? because most of the skin do not provide any comment link, most of their column is too small or not enough, my blog title also all gone and there's sooo many problem! whatever, my skin right now is temporary only coz i'm too tired to change it already. maybe tomorrow i'll change back to normal.

so here's some of the skins that i tried on :
(they all are so so so pretty but there too many less this or don't have that thing)

well atleast i get to skype wiht my cousin just now! and i'm very happy to hear words that she'd learn to say.

here the picture of her :

isn't she's just the cutest tots!!
i really miss her sooo much.


love, sheena. said...

hey hun! i got my layout from as well but the thing is, you could actually modify the hthml template and install all the commenting links and blog titles yourself. it's pretty easy, go google the specific blogger codes you need. hope this helps! and thanks for commenting on my blog. be surfing your blog often now :)

Bliss Anne said...

thanks sheena!
i'll try find the codes.
i also will visit your blog often hehe.