Tuesday, August 7

Random night

Sorry tonight is just a random post coz i hate to see this blog didn't get much update by the owner ^^

Dania with my notebooks and her stuff.

Now the above picture is actually about korean entertainment industries. After reading them really gave me an eye opening because all this while i never thought this things really did happen to the artists there. If u have Cleo magazine this month i'm sure you know. i feel sad and disappointed actually after reading this article. i said so because korean artists really worked hard for their performance whether in acting or singing or etc but they did not get paid equally by their manager or whatever they called it, plus being tortured physically and mentally. how sad was that?!

 Us went to Watson to get some essential needs.

How sad is this? this is the only thing that i get to shop for myself, no buying shirt or accessories or shoes or makeup... just this! its been a long time. okay i shouldn't complained here because the main reason is that we need to do more saving for our daily needs.

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Anonymous said...

budget budget...not easy oh kan..huhuh - belle