Thursday, October 4

She's trained!!

It happened few days after her birthday 19.September.2012... suddenly she said that she wanna pee and poo at the toilet, so i let her do all those stuff in her pot, sometimes toilet bowl.

So from now on whenever she wanna pee or poo she will tell me. she don't wanna wear pampers anymore during the day. but still i'm scared that she will pee when she is sleeping so whenever she sleep especially at night i will just make her wear the pampers. BUT in the morning or when she wake up after her nap the pampers didn't wet at all.

Do you think that she's okay already sleeping without pampers? i hate if there's a pee on the bed, the bedsheet can be wash but the bed?

Anyway im just happy right now because i think that we dont have to buy pampers anymore, we can save abit perhaps. last time i was worried sick about potty train, i thought that uuurrgghh its gonna be sooo hard to teach a toddler about it but seriously the moment you didn't think much about it, that's the time it'll come smoothly and easily for you ^^

Right now okay my biggest concern still about breastfeeding. i want to try to use the lemon method. eventhough Dania is on bottle milk already still whenever she wanna sleep the bf is a must have -_-'

wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Its getting better now kan! No more bf and no more wet bed..hehe - Belle