Sunday, June 14

Second holiday

I'm off to tawau for a few weeks tomorrow morning by airasia.
Dont know when i'll be going back here.
Maybe early July.
So maybe i wont be updating my blog for quite sometimes, but if i can get through the wireless network there i will update.
Crossing finger.

Today i am so so so so tired coz we bejalan from noon till almost 10 pm just now so my feet is killing me.
I've just realize just now while washing my feet..seems like my toes staring to swell.
The funny thing is now i can't bentdown to cut my toe nail anymore.
I don't want other people to help me coz emm i just don't trust them.
Don't la how.

One thing that i'm really hopping on is that tawau wont be as hot as kk.
That's all.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

happy holidays to you anne! jaga kesihatan kio ;) next year ble wish u happy mummy's day suda hehehe..

Carmelliny said...

mummy...take care yer...hahaha..