Wednesday, June 10

I am 6 months...

3 more months for me to go through this pregnancy.
Now i feel takut if i'm thinking about labor.
Yes, seriously takut.
The 3 months will pass by like a wind soo fast and i wont realize it will soon goin to arrive.
Maybe i will deliver a month earlier or weeks earlier than 30th Sept.
That's the scary part.
Even baby's stuff i haven't completely buy everything.
I am abit stressed about this.

Yesterday i am officially 6 months pregnant.
Went for a review at the clinic, luckily not too many patient so i finished fast.
The nurse gave me another tetanus shot on my left arm and it hurt!
Then went to the lab to get blood test. yes another needle goin inside my right arm to have my blood. dunno why this time its abit hurt.
Maybe that time i was thinking about my other half on how he worried if the lady made a mistake like last time until my arm turned into blue and i'm in pain (they salah cucuk the needle) so ney will follow me whenever i have to do blood test, but this time he wasn't there with me and i'm sad.


The funny thing was when the nurse was pressing my tummy to check the baby and my placenta she wanna measure it (24 cm). I felt very very ticklish until i have to make my hard.
Actually i was surprise on how the nurse checked my tummy because she pressed very hard and that time i'm scared that it might hurt the baby.

Another thing i am scared is about breastfeeding.
1. It's goin to be painful.
But some people already bising2 about how i feel and i'm pissed about it. is it so wrong to feel that way?? NO! i have the right. it's not that i don't want to breastfeed my baby at all!

2. Scared if my breast wont be the same again.

I've been staying at my aunt rita's house for 5 days already and i'm enjoying my stay here.
Away from my other aunt's house which always make me stress.
The only thing here that they don't have the aircon so the heat here really making me crazy! haha
This friday or saturday i will be going back there because i have to pack my stuff.
5 more days for me to fly to meet ney. Can't wait!!


Carmelliny said...

don't worry bh..ok tu kau..jgn lupa inform sa kalo ko mau deliver sdh ah..c cath hari tu time first baby dia kn,smpat lagi sms sma sa yg pagi tu..skali ptg dia branak sdh..lucu oh dia..haha

Bliss Anne said...

semua pun ckp gitu..ok ja...haha tp nant lau ko yg pregnant takut ko tu hee...iyah..nant sa sms juga kamu tu hehe..