Thursday, May 28

1 week holiday

I'm going back to keningau tomorrow with my uncle.
I need to go somewhere to relax more or maybe i feel that i wanna change my current environment for awhile.
It might be boring coz there's no laptop there for me to connect to internet.
It might be less food for me to eat anytime like im here.
Wahhh.... terpaksa i tahan only ni later.
Hopefully my aunt from sikuati will go back to keningau too this sunday so it will be less boring for us there.

I really feel soo heavy this time. The baby really getting big or maybe heavier.
Susah sikit for me to move around.
I am thinking about a name already for her. But just in case it was HIM then i have to spare a boy's name too right? 
Thinking or searching for baby boy's name is soo hard than i thought.
So if you guys have any idea for a nice boy's name let me know hehe.

I have a problem now.
Seriously i have no idea at all how to solve this problem.
Its really bugging me so bad, sometimes i wanna cry about it but i have to show ney that i am strong to face this problem so that he also will stay strong like me.

God i really need you this time.



Dayze said...

haha i'd love to name my daughter alyssa, ashley or hayley next time (if i ever have one) and for a boy it's either adam or keith.

yuupp. super american names. haha.

Bliss Anne said...

thanx dayze...
i've been thinking also the name adam hehe