Saturday, May 23

100 post!!! did you notice??

Women who is pregnant of baby boy their baby bump seems different than a women who pregnant baby girl.

If they having a baby girl their bump seems "lebih menonjol" towards the front, and if they having a baby boy their bump not soo towards the front, macam lebih mendatar abit lah.

For example of some celebrities:

 Denise Richard pregnant with either Lola or Sam

Jessica Alba pregnant with her first daughter.

Katie Holmes pregnant with her first daughter as well.

And Nicole Richie pregnant with her daughter Harlow.

Where as Christina pregnant with her first son.

Gwen Stefani pregnant with either Kingston or Zuma.

And finally Ashlee Simpson pregnant with her first son.

Did you notice the different of their belly?
i do.

How about my baby bump? 
Right now i'm only 5months plus so the bump not so big yet. but the bump abit towards the front for me. plus the doctor said that it's a 90% girl for me.

I decide not to go to the clinic every week starting from next week because i'm too lazy. Just for the weight monitoring really seriously buang masa. i wanna see if the stuff nurse st the clinic will call me about it or not.

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