Tuesday, May 5


Went to clinic for weight monitoring :

- Current weight according to the clinic's scales i was 39kg but according at home's scales i am 41kg. Bingung juga but i think clinic's one is the right one.

- I don't really like the clinic today. It was sooo packed with people especially new born baby. And the smell was so not good.

- Current blood preassure 100/60. Before this was 110/70. I don't know which one is the best.

I already listed down some baby's stuff for me and ney to buy. Hopefully its not too early. I think depends on ourselves decision. Hehehee..i just an't wait actually to buy it.

Why when we always nice to that person but one day he/she simply act annoying to you then another day he/she will act very nice to you. But mostly you the one will start the nice thing then only he/she will e okay to you???? I REALLY REALLY HATE THAT KIND OF PERSON.

Am i allowed to hate anything during pregnancy? is it okay?

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