Thursday, May 14

Halfway to go !!!

I am officially 5 Months pregnant !!
But still my tummy not that big, nevermind as long as the baby is healthy.
Cepat pula masa berlalu... now there's only 4 months left for me for my pregnancy.
So excited !!

Ney visited me the other day and for mei's wedding but only for 5 days so now he already went back.
Here he is with little Princess who is getting abit fatter than before. Much more cuter and he really loves her.

We also went to Damai Specialist to get me checked up in every detail about my pregnancy and we get to keep the baby's picture.


The doctor tried so hard to get the baby's feature but it susah coz there's so much movement that's why this picture clearly showing the skul, but if see the original picture can see the shape of its chubby cheek.
And she's facing right towards front of the scanner. 
Getting to know the sex of the baby also was a hard part actually. The doctor took long moment just to know what's the sex because the baby's position always changing until i also have to move abit to the left and to the right. funny.
The doctor said that 90% its a GIRL !!! because rata only, there's no timbul timbul *wink* hahaa

We are sooo happy !!
Hopefully the 10% will be finally definitely a girl.

We also saw her yawning inside the womb, we saw all her movement and we also saw her covering her genital part with her hand *wink* 
maybe she still don't want us to know kan.
The doctor said everything about the baby is normal, fine and healthy.
OOhh and she's very active in there.

I will post some of Mei's wedding reception photos later.

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Ratnariz said... must be exicited hehehe...Baby girl on the way...take care ya beb...dont forget to take picture and scrap it as soon as she's born..cherish the moment..heheh