Tuesday, May 26

Nothing important

Last night so so so tired!! Like i can't move or do anything anymore. All because i kinda did too much walking.

Since sunday i went to parkson with my aunt to find some baby's stuff. I did buy some and boy.....baby stuff now is expensive!! we were there for almost 2 and half hours (blame me) then i really want to eat oreo mcflurry so since the mcD at wawasan was out of ice we have to drive to centre point to get it. My aunt park the car outside the cp only so i have to walk into cp just to get the mcflurry! gila penat btl!! After that when we go home to my aunt house i forgot my hp upstairs of her house so again i have to walk up the stairs one more time!!!! kesian btl my feet ohhhh. sudah now i felt heavier than before, every movement abit hard for me to do it again and again.

Then yesterday we were making pudding for the gathering at my mum's house so there's alot of movement going on. i have to drive to btc for a couple of times also because we kekurangan some ingredients. *sigh* very very tiring. at night during the gathering i was sooo hungry so i just go and eat anything i want because all the food giving me sooo much temptation that i can't resist hehehe plus again the dessert!! so after i eat this and that my tummy was very very kencang!!! like i can't even move anymore. so eating too much also make me feel tired haha.

Today again went to clinic (yes i went also bah) for the weight monitoring again, with the heat which making me crazy and sweat all day and the tiredness still in me.....*sigh* susah betul this life hahaa.

weight : 41.5 kg oklah.... almost 42kg already.

pregnancy : 22 weeks

me : easily sweat and feel hot this days. my aunt said this is only the beginning. later on the third trimester will getting hotter.

my mind : scared. scared if the gender will change.

current photo : (mau juga kan *wink*)

last night during gathering. see my tired face?? huh.


prisovel^^ said...

boroi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lek ko hehe^^

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