Saturday, May 2

coming to 19weeks

What's up with me?

- I don't know why this couple of days i felt like it's hard for me to breath as normal as it is. Maybe i've heartburn like normal preggers do but its been days so weird juga kan... Don't know what should i do. Or maybe i am full with food because for the past two weeks my "goin to loo time" seems like not normal. Always skip like 3days.
Worried if i have breathing problem or if my asthma goin to visit me back soon (palis2).

- My hair and nail seems to grow alot faster than usual. It's good actually but on my belly is sooo not good. Before i get pregnant there's only fine hair growing but now tambah ketara already and i don't like it!

- Not only my foot easily feel tired and hurt, now my betis also! looks like the pregnancy pain- on-body starting to occur on me. I'm easily feel very2 tired this days too, even if i just stay and sit at home. So weird.

- I realized that i'm walking real slow already at this stage!! and i hate it so much. i can't even run abit fast. I felt that my body & my stomach was heavy. huh.....

Ney is coming next friday. so excited.

I'm still curious about my baby's gender!! I hope when we do scanning next week can know already because i can't wait to buy stuff for her/him, hee but if the baby in the best position to see lah. My instinct always says that its goin to be a girl. even ney wanted a girl. does mother instinct always right?

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