Thursday, May 20

Growing up my Little Baby...

Yesterday Dania turned 8month old.
*sob sob*

So fast time passed by!

Talking about her development...
She knew how to do high-five to people. whenever we raise our hand and say "high-five momy" and she will raise hers too.
I tought her how to do it actually and i just tought her like 3 times and she already know what to do. she's a quick learner.
She say "momom" word clearly already. "nenen" also she know how to say but she seldom say it.
Now i just wanna teach her how to clap hands and bye-bye. seems hard.

I mentioned on my fb that i seriously wanna teach Dania drink milk from the bottle and i succeeded!!
After changing the 'puting' she keep on drinking the milk. but not too many. atleast she can finish 2-3 ounce.
I gave her Dumex milk for stage 2 baby. i don't know if she likes it but she did drink it lah. But actually i want her to drink Anmum milk.
I will buy the Anmum after her Dumex finish.
So nowadays i will give her bottle milk twice a day. morning and at night. sometimes three times. depends.

The other day Dania was climbing on my body until she can stand while holding on me then suddenly she let go of her hand and she stand by herself! i was soo surprise! and happy.
New skill from her!
In one day she did that three times. I'm so proud of her. So now she always do that whenever she wanna stand up. but still i have to keep watching her.
I think she will be walking in a few months time. Hopefully.

Okay this is something that i am not proud at my self.
This morning i was sooo sleepy but Dania already wakeup and she was playing near the sliding door while i was watching her. watching her with my eyes close open close open coz i was so sleepy until i didn't realized i fell asleep for awhile. Suddenly i heard Dania's voice i quickly wakeup and searching for her coz she wasn't near around me then i saw her outside the sliding door at the balcony!! can you believe it??!! like i was gonna have a heart attack that time!
Ney didnt close the sliding door!!
Luckily nothing bad happen (palis palis).

"Dania... i am so sorry k"

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