Sunday, May 9

Mothers Day

It's my first time as a mommy on this Mothers Day!
What did we do? Nothing much actually. although i do expect something something lol.
Luckily ney is off today so we get to spend our time together with our little pom pom (Dania).
Her mood today is very happy baby. very active. as if she knows she have to be good girl coz it's mommy's day hahahaaa!!

I can tell that she already have her own personality.
She's a shy girl whenever meet people, but if at home and only the three of us here she'll be like making noise and will be going here and there with her walker.

Her first tooth already pop out which is sooo cute!
She doesn't really bite me while breastfeeding (thankfully) lol.

I am still worry that Dania still don't want to drink milk from the bottle.
We bought Dania her first pet i guess - FISH!! small small fish with big aquarium (her papa very semangat to keep them)
Anyway we're going back to kk/kgau end of this month... can't wait to meet babies!!

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