Thursday, April 29

Random stuff about my baby

On Tuesday i was playing with Dania and when she laugh i saw a small white thing on her gum so i touched it and it is hard so i was like soo surprise that her tooth is coming out!!! i am sooo excited. Then the next day i checked on her gum again,i saw a white line on her fast the tooth is coming out. Now i'm scared of it, i'm scared if she will bite me while i'm breastfeeding her. luckily she don't really like to bite anything now.
But i have to start teach her drink milk from a bottle.

Nowadays she knows how to express her disappointment on us. How she shows us? she will beat any surface infront of her with her hand (while crying) or jumping angrily on her walker (while crying).
I don't know why but everytime she did this kind of behavior i get stress out.

Ohh she knows how to say a few words already. nowadays she always say "Ma.." and "Mom" and "Momom". I don't what's that suppose to mean by her but i love hearing that word everytime she say it. But usually i used the word "momom" for eating.

I realized also that she understand a few words already that we always said to her. For example the word "No"... sometimes if she wanna disturb something or go some places in the house but then i say "no" to her she will stop doing it or stop from going to that place. Another word she understand is "Come".... whenever i say "come" to her while patting or clapping coz i want her to go to me, she will come to me. The word "Nenen". Ofcourse she understand it coz i used it since she was a little baby whenever i wanted to feed her on milk, so now everytime i say "nenen" she will turn herself on my breast hahahaa. Making sound like "Broommm broomm" she know that means drive the car or car or the car-steering, and she love holding it.
So next words that i'm still trying to teach her to understand is "Bath", "Smelly" and "Water".

Funny to me coz the other day i turned the astro channel to sport and there's the football match so Dania saw it and she pay attention to it! then the next day and the next next day i tried again same behaviour. Hopefully she wont be a tomboy.
Shaking her head also is her fav things to do. she's so cute doing it.

She's still learning how to sit now, no crawling yet. But sometimes Dania seems like she's lazy to hold her body for awhile to sit. After a few moments then she will fall herself to the side either left or right.

Alot of development to talk about for 7months.
Now Dania is 7month and 2 week.

She's a happy baby. Likes to play. sometimes can be grumpy. That's why i love her!

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