Saturday, April 24

She's 7 months!! and 5 to go...

Can't believe that she has grown up that fast.
Flash back from the moment i gave birth to Dania is really emotional to me.
Now she's our "sumandak" hahaa...why?
Because sometimes whenever me and my friends here talk about our children we will talk about their future girlfriend or boyfriend, you know relationship stuff. funny actually.

Dania is really a hyperactive baby!
Whenever we inside the car she will keep on moving and wont stop except when i'm breastfeed her or when she's sleepy. seriously my hand get tired easily.
And right now i can only imagine our journey back to kk and keningau next la this Dania inside the car for 10 hours!!
I talked to my mum just now on the phone about Dania's attitude and my mum said "that's why la who ask you to go and eat alot of chocolate when you still pregnant?? see now Dania is very active baby" and i was like "betul ba??is that really the cause of it??"
Yes, i remember when i was 4 months pregnant my family went to Labuan and they brought back alot lot lot of chocolate and gosh...i couldn't stop eating all of the chocolate and that time my mum did warn me about eating it too much LOL!!

She knows how to play with her eyes already...whenever she see her fav things she will wink her eyes and did this funny faces of her. its sooo funny!!
I realized that she like to watch football..few days ago i change the channel too sport and there's football match and Dania saw it then she stop playing her toys and focused on the tv...three times already happened hahaha...i hope she wont be a tomboy ;p
She broke my laptop's keypad the other day....huh..two of the key she go and korek.

This month and next month she don't have to go to clinic review and i don't know why. so i'm thinking how am i suppose to know her weight and height?? she's soo heavy nowadays...

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