Monday, April 5


This week Dania will be 6 months and 3 weeks. Only 1 week to go to 7 months! omg!!
Until now she hasn't been crawling. lambat. i dunno why.

Last Tuesday went to kkia for the 6months shots, one on her thigh and the other one on her shoulder. Dania did cry but only for while coz she saw the nurse's book with colourful pictures on it until she was babbling.... Luckily she didn't get any fever, pheewww....!

But last week i saw she did her new skill. She always lift her hand up and beat on a surface infront of her again and again.
Sometimes when she lift her body up she will lift her either left or right arm up too.

Okay just now Dania's attitude amazed me and ney.
She was sleeping just now when ney was about to go to work, so as usual he will kiss her before he go. so just now when he kissed her she wokeup and looked at ney with her open wide eyes! ney said bye to her and then walked to the room door suddenly she started to cry and wanting to be carry so ney came back to her and carry her for awhile and she was laughing and smiling. so when she seem ok already i took her from ney and said bye while we (me n dania) watched him walked towards the front door then again Dania suddenly started to cry. sooo i figure maybe she wanted to send ney to the front door and watch her papa go to work, so i followed ney and Dania was smiling the whole time! at the front door we said bye to ney, watch him take his step out and Dania didn't even cry. I am so right about what she wanted!!
I am soo happy to see her development towards wanting to do some routine like just now, sending her papa go to work at the front door. i did this with her everytime ney was about to leave the house. everytime. until now she understood and know what to do ordy when we say bye.
It's so funny!

One thing that i realized also now she can say some syllables already like "je.." or "ma.." The word ma i heard everytime when she cry and maybe she wants me. soo i guess maybe she refer it as the word "mama" refer to me coz i always teach her to say it. perasan nya!! LOL!!

Another thing also Dania is sooooo heavy nowadays! my wrist always feel hurt whenever i carry her for a period of time. well everytime she ate her cereal or porridge she wanted to have it two times! she's a big eater! but she still hate bottle milk *sigh*

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