Thursday, April 15


I wanna make some list of Dania's fav song, i mean song that i sing and she will sing along with me.

1. Barney song

2. I'll never be the same - timbaland ft katy perry (my fav too!)

3. Eh eh (nothing else i can say) - Lady Gaga ( her first fav song that she get excited whenever she hear the song)

4. My friend Tigger and pooh song (sang to her since she was a lil baby)

5. ABC song

6. Naturally - Selena Gomez

7. Whaddaya want from me - Adam lambert

8. We are the world - Haiti Artist

This is the song that she will fell asleep whenever we sing to her :

1. Twinkle twinkle little star

2. Dania's Song that her father created for her since she was a baby, the lyric can be anything but the tune is always the same one.

3. Cobalah untuk setia - kris dayanti ( i know....!! i am suprised too but yeah she will go to sleep if i sing it hahahaa)

Some things that she really love to disturb :

1. my handbag ( she like to bite the handle of the bag)

2. My pink mouse

3. Any magazine ( if you give her once to play with she'll remember the magz everytime she see it)

4. Any plastic

5. Cold bottle water ( she will press it to her face and lick it)

6. Any basket

Right now her teeth is coming her gum really irritate her everyday.

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