Tuesday, February 21

Little virgin hair

It's history for Dania's old wavy new-born hair! and i am emotional about this so bad.

I just loved her hair. but there's few reason for me to decide that Dania need to have her hair cut.

- she doesn't like to tie her hair

- always sweating and because of her hair covering her neck she will start scratching it

- recently she got a bacteria derma.... something something. it's a skin infected by bacteria. she got it from her aunt Bebe. and she had it behind her upper neck.

Looking at Dania's long hair really made me missed it much. it's more girly girl and now kinda tomboyish. funny thing is whenever she made this disagree-face with her new hair cut she look like a really sneaky naughty little toddler!

Oh FYI i cut her hair on my own and she didn't even made any fuss that moment. maybe she understand why aight?



Michelle Sung said...

semakin comel c Dania...kalau budak2 macamana style rambut dia pun tetap cute bah :)

♕ Mitchell Cullen ♕ said...

even time me kecik dlu pun my rambut kana gunting pendek juga

Anonymous said...

hehe...i love that sneaky cheeky cute face! - aunty belle