Monday, February 6


We're in kk right now, spending few days here away from stress.

Just no we went to 1Borneo for dinner then my aunt wanna buy Dania new shoe because she saw her aunt's shoe which really nice but the price hhmmmm faham-faham jala. so i felt so terrible to Dania coz i couldn't buy for her that kind of shoe.

Went to Parkson, when we arrived at the kids shoe department Dania was like a frenzy fish catching food inside the aquarium LOL.. seriously she's uncontrolable! Dania took so many shoe and she tried it on every single one of it. and its all girly shoe, instead i actually wanna buy her snickers type but girls will be girls juga la -_-'

The worst part was when we told her that she should buy this and that shoe but everything she said 'no no no!' then she took off her pants and sandal and she start running here and there, so there's no chance at all for me to let her try any shoe. pening kepala terus! i did try to talk seriously to her about taking off her pants and sandal but she just dont care. so there's no shoe la.

At the counter she saw a dress (my aunt show her) so what happened? she was shouting and get angry because she really want to wear the dress masa tu juga. and that time my anger was over the top already and sometimes we need to teach them a lesson, so i have to made her cry. she did cry and cry and cry. i felt so embarrassed to my aunt's hubby and the workers there -_-'

Maybe next time i have to leave her at home, but will she be okay? i'm scared that she'll be like that again. i think Dania is just over excited to the shop and all the shoes because at Keningau's shop they don't have this kind of shop bah, so maybe that's why la.

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Anonymous said...

ohh..ssh oh kan..growing up gia kali tu? skrg dia ok kan...hehe - belle