Monday, January 30

2 Days & 1 night

Masa CNY holiday me and my family plus some other family member went for a very short holiday di Kundasang Ranau. We stayed at Hallelujah Retreat centre, about 2km from Kinabalu Park. The place is so great! the view is nice, the chalet is good and the coldness is mad mad cold!! overall i love it.

First day dari Keningau at 7am, arrived Ranau at 9am. Kami round-round kedai Ranau then went for a lunch, oleh kerana banyak kedai yang sedap tutup so we eat kfc. then we went to Hotspring, and there's so many people! sampai macam geli mau mandi heheee. petang sudah baru kami went to the chalet and that time it was raining... punya la sejuk!! all of us were shivering due to the coldness plus the rain that night. we did some barbeque and watch movie.

Second day was quite a rush for us to visit few places there. we went to the Desa Farm first, then the Agro and then the Memorial Park lastly pigi isi perut. every place we spent lama juga lah masa d sana coz being with my uncle and his wifey yang sangat suka bergambar nah tambah la macam2 mau d snap. anyway it was fun trip and we're planning going for a second holiday on May maybe, and this time maybe going to an island. can't wait!


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice pic. Thnks for visitng my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

bestnya...! next time kami ikut k...heheheh