Saturday, January 28

Midnight music

Oh how i really really miss the old times!

Sleeping through the night while listening to my favorite tune, whether in loud or low sound. Its a bonus if outside is raining and me snuggle in with my blankie while listening to some music.

Its not that i can't do it already but when you have a small kid like me or even a baby you can't or better not do that. so now everytime i feel like listening to some music while sleeping i need to turn it on from my hp and hid it under my pillow, or play my mp3. but both of the option i don't like at all. for me i want the whole room of mine can hear the tune.

Right now i need some Estrella's music....

Maybe i sound weird or unrealistic but that's just my old habit that i really miss right now.

We just came back from our very short holiday at Kundasang, Ranau and i will post some pictures soon. i need to find the right and comfortable time first.


Mitchell de Voight Cullen said...

Mesti best ne kan holiday anne di kundasang ranau ^^ sya pn rindu suda tu tmpt.. sya skrg pn dgr music kena men hp juga sudah.. enda bo kc psng di bilik, tkt org lua tiaw sya

Anonymous said...

tkt c dania tbgn ka? - belle