Sunday, January 29

My dream came true

Seriously mine did today. i'm not bragging here.

Last night i dreamed that i was sitting on sofa then suddenly there's so many chicks came inside the living room and i was so scared and uurrgghh!! FYI i'm phobia to any kind od bird. i hate them.

So this afternoon while surfing the internet Dania and hubby was outside the house playing with the chicken, suddenly i heard the chick's sound getting louder and nearer to me then i look at the door there was Dania walking towards me while holding the chicks!! so i was shouting like a mad person and ran inside the room. i was so so sooo shocked and scared that time, i was funny though.

And there you go shouting and running incident going on and on because hubby keep on asking Dania to give the chick to me and he also keep on chasing me with it! i swear to him that if ever i caught or saw a grasshopper or praying-mantis i will surely and definitely put it inside his short without any doubt! there's no mercy no more.

You see, my dreams do come true kan, but not a good one -_-

Just now before Dania fell asleep we're just finish watching movie, scary movie but not ghost. and Dania was sitting on the couch facing the stairs and first living room (both no light). suddenly she lie down and said 'takut' while trying not to see the stairs or the living room. we keep on asking her what is it she scared but she didn't answer us. so i said 'nenen and go to sleep', while she's nenen-ing ^^ i ask again and she just point at the stairs or the living room.

Maybe she saw 'things' again. so now while thinking about it i'm kinda mad at this 'things' that try to scared little kid like Dania! seriously. seeing her face when she's scared is heartbreaking for me. like i wanna shout out loud saying don't ever try to scared her, but i couldn't be so dramatic. little kids like Dania does not know anything about them, they're innocent! so why they try to show themselves on their eyes, it is sad to see them like that.

But this is life surrounded by satan and his demons, all we can do is just pray to god for protection towards our family. i'm not scared actually, but i always reminded myself again and again that don't be scared of them coz they just try to scared us human with an ugly feature but actually they're not like that at all.

Honestly if ever i saw a ghost i can't even imagine how will i react. whether that i will be shouting and shouting or faint or just in shock.

Okay i need to stop watching scary movie!!!


Armstrong said...

Ok your post makes me scared... I don't think I can sleep well tonight. I do not ever want to see a ghost or whatever hahaa.

btw, heello there. Arms here and I'm blogwalking. Nice to meet you.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

dia getting better now kan? cian c dania...huhuh -belle

Anonymous said...

bgs ko cri belalang skrg kasi kn c