Friday, January 13

Here and there

Due to 'our' situation since last year i've been living at my aunt and uncle's house, so me and Dania once a week only go back to my MIL house. i really feel bad and sad about it but i can't stay there anymore if my heart are not ready yet. in other word not confident yet.

This is the hardest thing that i have to face! and i hate it so so much! i am so heartbroken seeing my MIL sad-confusing face everytime we were about to go back here again after staying there over-night or just for half day only. actually she knew why i decided to be like that but i'm sure now she did feel confuse why it took me that long to stay on my decision.

I don't ask or want to be like this but i have no choice! i don't want to be hurt for... not second or third, but thousand times already! i don't want to take the risk anymore.

So right now i just have to be thick skin and just stay here at my relative's house until i can gather back all the confidence that i used to have and be strong again. i don't want to rush things anymore or just accept it like that because like last time in the end i'm the one who will get hurt. for enough is enough already. because everytime i'm at their house i feel so stress out and there's no one to talk to.

Sometimes i am confuse whether i am doing the right thing or not. but i always follow my heart, not my mind.

If any of you in my situation what will you do?

I do need advise.


CathJ said...

Wah...kinda of hard juga your situation.. If solution is to hve my own hse..menyewa pun tidak apa... Yg penting happy.. And you hve own space...sekali sekala boleh jenguk mil... So tidak juga ada yg sakit hati. Sebab staying at relatives selalu pun nanti lama2 pandai ada problem... But we hope not...and its all up to you.. Gud luck my fren...:)

Anne B. said...


actually my problem ni kan teda kaitan wit my inlaw but actually with my hub, so still its hard....;(

✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Sound difficult juga ne your situation Anne.. I'm surely my mum will advice "Bini kena byk sabar.. Bini yang pegang kunci of family happiness. Laki cuma tiang rumahtangga saja. Kalau bini tak sabar, mmg tak tahan sudah tu tiang rumah" That's what my mum always advice me, yalah, eventhough sya blm kahwin but my mum start advice me about marriage thing sudah.. And from my experience if living with relatives, lama2 pndai ada prblm jg.. Not to scare you la.. But mmg btl happen.. But we hope not as CathJ said.. I'm sure you know what to do

Anne B. said...

hi mitchelle...

its true what ur mom said, but sometimes its hard for me to accept such advise hehee

y? because ur mind will tell you 'takan ko ja yg perlu berkorban tuk semua tu?laki pla cmna kan?' but now i just telan pahit2 la ni....just finger crossed. thanks..