Saturday, January 7

Towards the end of 2011

Christmas open house at Kg. Gaulan :

Dania with her nenek and so called aunt ^^


Wedding day : Elvis Lee & June Ariffin

My mom on sari with her sisters

The teenagers !

The beautiful bride

My cousin Queenie, i think she should enter the next Unduk Ngadau ^^

Queenie and Sheila

There's alot for me to blog about actually, but i still need to organize my thoughts properly.


AnnieMing said...

Cute betul si Dania ni tau :D Hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy New Year! *lepas satu minggu baru mau wish bah kan Anne haha*

Anne B. said...

annie..happy new year to you too..!its ok bah.....

Anonymous said...

can't believe i missed out,....huhuhuh