Wednesday, January 18

Kundasang for cny

Its just occur to my head that me and my uncle with his wife should go on a holiday for this coming CNY, and that time it was early December.

The only problem that we had before this plan is 100% confirm is their off-day (holiday), like when it will start and how many days. So because of this sadly we couldn't book abit early any hotel at Kundasang! Only literally like 1week before CNY we manage to book a place for us to sleep.

No, it wasn't Celyn hotel or Kirams Village (a place that i really really wanna go!!), sadly we have this like kampung chalet which located 2km near Kinabalu park. Any of you know or have seen this place? I forgot the exact name but it's kinda a place called Hallelujah Retreat.

I have no idea at all how's this place is going to be. i just hope it will be quite comfortable for us. because i gave up on calling again and again all the other hotels there, and i just thought what the long as we have a place to stay that's all. lame right.

2 km from Kinabalu park, so is this place at a high ground and is this place going to be cold? or very cold? or not? tell me. because last time i arrived at Kundasang it wasn't that cold at all.

And i need a recommendation from any of you a place that nice to visit there, well besides some of the famous place that most people go.... where else?


Edith said...

Hi Anne,

Sya org baru di blog ko ni.
I've been to that centre many times few years back. We stayed in their dorm. For me it's a nice place. Sesuai utk retreatlah. Very2 cold. Beautiful view and I like the calmness of the place. But...inda tau lah skrg. Maybe even better :)

Places to visit yg sia krg tau ni apart from the Park.

Nice knowing u & I followed ur blog :)

Nanak said...

punya lama sy x p kundasang...mau tunggu ko story la ni nti..ehee

Anne B. said...

hi edith...

thank u for ur information...:) lega skit jga sa ni lps tau cmna tu tmpt hehee, tq for following me too...will visit ur blog jga ni nant...

hi nanak....

hahhaa harap2 la ada crita yg menarik kan..

Anonymous said...

mcm mn?? tell me tell me...hehe - belle