Tuesday, November 23


I've just finish watching the Twilight saga : Eclipse. i love it. i was smiling myself during the whole movie.

Did you watch it yet? did you ever feel while watching it, its like you were in the situation or in that same place same time with Bella and Edward and the rest? have you?? i know i did. even last time while watching Twilight. no wonder teens are so crazy about them. hey don't get me wrong ok, i'm just enjoying the movie bah!!

My favorite scene was when Bella and Edward on the grass full of purple flowers all around them. if you were here watching me watching this part you can see my smile can reach my ear lol. seriously!

I love Kristen's character as Bella. she really fit to it. for me she's pretty and natural in her own way. many people said that she's very awkward and stiff but she's just being herself i guess and i like her. in this movie i luurrvveee her hair and clothes!!

So for me there's no Team Edward nor Team Jacob.

This movie makes my belly full of butterfly! maybe because i was really into it. into the character. into the situation. into the conversation and thoughts. and i love it. my fantasy. lol.

This is where i wanna be, spending my time with lovers just like when Edward and Bella was hugging each other (my own story line) facing the woods and the mist. how romantic is that?

Dreaming myself to be in this kind of place just like in the Twilight movie. fantasy fantasy fantasy of a dreamer.


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