Wednesday, November 3

My heart and soul

Yes she is my heart and soul. I love her more than anything in this world. Saja saja i put this latest picture of my little Dania. Show you her attitude. naughty.

I kinda miss blogging suddenly after reading some blogs. So i decided to do it back again, but i really need to find free time to do this. If anyone of you realized that i didn't post anything for so long please do remind me on facebook :)

Just now i baked marble choc-coffee cake. but it did not raise like any other cake. no idea why pedahal i already add baking powder and soda too. how come ah?? is it because of the soda? or maybe i beat the ingredients too hard. i read on yahoo answer about this and they say it could be the problem. Im not so sure which is the main cause.

So as a result my cake is short. Oh or maybe the acuan big for the amount of the total mixture??

Reason cake did not raise:
1. Pan is too large
2. underbaked - oven temperature too low
3. under-beating batter
4. too much liquid
5. batter sat too long before baking

Well as the source said up there...i think reason number 1 and 3 for my cake.

Anyway here it is : (sedap juga bah!!)

Marble Choco-Coffee Cake with Peppermint Icing on top.

Its delicious!!

Now the dishes i leave to ney to wash it hahahaa. Night!!

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AnnieMing said...

That cake looks yummy!!