Saturday, November 27


I wanna meet a genie so that he can grant my wish.

or see a shooting star so that i can cross my finger to make a wish. What wish i'm talking about?

This past few days i've beem thinking deep about my little Dania. she so growing up already and i don't want it to happen this fast! i want her milestone to go slow so that i can record it in my memory every single bit of it. but i can't. there's some things that i couldn't remember while she's growing up.

I regret saying that i want her to grow up fast when she was just few months old. i said that because last time i am having a hard, tired and stressful time with her. it was really hard to put her to sleep last time. but if i look back to that days it's not that bad afterall, maybe i'm still new at handling a new born so its stressing me out so because of that i want her to grow up fast so that it will become easier for (which is not actually). the more they grow up the harder for you to take care of them actually.

Last month i ask dania one thing that i want her to accomplish fast, walking. yes, i want her to be walking, enough with the crawling already so that it is easier for me but i was wrong. now she's walking at the age of 1 year and 1 month old and there i am following her everywhere she wanna go. so it is more tiring for me actually. So because of this i promise that will be the last thing that i want her to do fast in her milestone.

But right now i'm just enjoying every moment with her whether in good, happy, sad or bad times i will always be there for her. cherish every moment of it. still i don't want her to grow up fast!! take it slow Dania.

So what is actually this wish thing have to do with Dania's milestone?


19 09 2009.

so that i can remember, cherish and enjoy every single second and moment with my baby.

*sob sob sob*

her small feet snapped by herself while holding my hp.

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