Thursday, August 25

Human Nature

My tuesday morning started off with a bliss but not until i opened my fb and blog. first thig i went for bloghopping, and one of the blog that i visited has a quite 'interesting' story about me ;) which totally gave me a BIG shocked. misunderstanding!

Actually i don't wanna post about this here in my blog bah cause i don't want this matter to be remembered but i think i also have to say something but i'm not saying it in a bad way la until kasi berpanjangan ni hal just for this person info la kira gitu.

In my point of view la which i couln't talk to you yesterday, we are family here and whenever or whatever things that happened or heard by you that really makes you mad or unsatisfied, maybe next time i hope we can straightly talk about this face to face. rumah pun dekat so senang juga kan mau jumpa. so rather than we exposed this matter to the 'public' which totally for me not very good, i think that's the best way. communication in family is important, i bet you also aware of that.

As stated in your recent post in your blog, you said that sometimes we tend to release our anger about other people in fb, and words are only words but becareful of what word we're using and how we express it in a phares which can be misunderstood and hurt. we don't want for the whole world to know, don't we?

I don't wish for you to agree everything of what i've said but i just hope we can work this issue out. i don't wish for enemy, family don't do that.

I hope both of us learnt some lesson. ^^


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Agreed with you, family don't fight.

...but yet, there are some narrow minded about 'family matters'.

You cool there Anne.

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Sometimes it happens.

Anonymous said...

yes agree with dont fight but most likely happen if we dont care others feeling.although it is only a small matter but since the family are in "unstable in communication" so i hope this will be our lesson too.
thanks for seeing me face to face and tell the truth..i do appriciate it.
dont worry to much im not kind of mum who will fight to die because your husband and his nephew makes my girl crying out loud.i just hope this will never happen again.harap-harap we still continue to keep the family in peace situation.
sorry actually i dont tell the matter to the public..i just use a trick so that you come to see me..
hope we end the matter here and back to normal..