Monday, August 8

Let it out

Today i felt miserable! due to some silly reason and serious reason. And i just thought that i wanna blog about this to let it out. wah! ^^

Okay the silly reason because i'm not comfortable with my skin condition and my hair, rasa rimas! i think my hair had grown too long already for me and i really want to chop it off! peduli la sayang itu curl semua, kena lagi cuaca nowadays here in keningau too hot bah adui memang bikin stress -_-'

About the serious reason, huh hard to say. in my own opinion and totally should learn a lesson about this (but not for me) the MOST important thing in life we should ALWAYS put it infront of us in our everyday life. bukan kasi duluan itu shopping until other people have to suffer of what you've done. kesian bah! and one thing, in trouble time family SHOULD always stick together, HELP each other dengan ikhlas nya, bukan mau p bising2 cakap itu ini. if behaving the other way around then i have nothing to say than KARMA. family not suppose to live or think like "your life your life la, mine is mine", paling sa tia suka begini punya style. jadi kalau ko mati macamana ko?

I am not pointing finger here to annyone, but that's just how i feel today. not a good day for me. luckily i get to play badminton just now to release some stress.

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take a deep breath...