Sunday, August 21

A month to go

its been so long i didn't drop any story or words here in my blog. its not that im lazy but because i don't get the chance to have some 'me' time for me to pour out some thoughts here. walaubagaimana pun ^^ i did visit your blog and maybe leave some comment.

Anyhooo i wanna talk about my little princess actually bah ni. in 1 month time she'll turn 2! 19.09 next month.

Development? adui terlampau banyak, dont know where to begin. i start from the recent one la that i realized ok.

- suka bergaya. hhmmm i think this attitude started when the other day she saw me wearing a skirt and she keep pulling it and told me that she wanna wear the skirt too so i had to give her her own skirt and she was so happy sambil pusing2 pegang the skirt, so adorable. then there's one time i wore a dress and when she saw me she keep on touching the dress, but i decided to change other outfit jadi c Dania cepat2 ambil itu dress suru kasi pakai dia bah adedehhh ngam2 lagi we wanna go out that time so i let her wear it for awhile lah konon,until the time we have to go already she seriously don't want to takeoff the dress so i have to bring her la sambil dia pakai itu dress! Yesterday she saw my SIL punya tudung and brabis c Dania mau minta so i let her la try it on and she wore it sambil lari2 inside the house, lama juga dia pakai oh. i don't know after this what else she want to wear.... now whenever she see her skirt she demand on wearing it even with her pants on.

- At the age of almost 2 years she FINALLY want to drink milk from bottle and i am so over joy but still bf ah ^^ my planned the other day i bought a set of bottle from anakku and a small size of dutch lady milk for 1 year above (cuba susu yang murah2 dulu manatau dia tia mau sayang kan) hehee so the next day after breakfast i make for her and when she saw it she was so excited maybe because she remembered her small aunty have same one like that and she always saw her drink milk. and Dania drank it but did not finish it, just about the first line of the bottle left. so yesterday i gave her again and she asked me make it 5 time in one day, everytime i make it only 100ml, brapa ounce tu ah? macam lebih skit dari 3oz ka.... and semua pun habis. happy sangat! i know memang skit tu jumlah compare to other child tapi c Dania ni baru ja start kan so mau pelan2 la, bagi skit2 dulu. now should i change the milk? i wanna give her anmum or sustagen.

- she knows alot of word already, wheter it's in malay or english and sometimes when she talk she mix the language. i'm glad that we moved here where she met lots of people that really talk to her and her baby talk has improve from day to day. but yeahhh there's still the baby talk la, and the current one is like "bakamakawaka" something like that the sound. mesti ada itu bunyi 'a' and 'k'.

- she loves elephant. since we brought her to the lokawi zoo she love animal especially elephant. and i even bought her Barney cd about animal zoo, guess how many time she watch it in one day? hahaaha!! she even loves flower and star. whenever she see flower she wants it. dinosaur pun dia minat juga skit, there's dinosaur sculptures here at the front yard and hari2 pun mau p tengok.

- she likes to eat cheese, which surprise me.

- manja with her atuk (my mum's yougest bro) and his wife which she should call nenek but she decided to call her 'c' because she heard me call her name 'nancy' and Dania ikut2 la. even my SIL she didn't call aunty instead she always call her 'Joy' her name. cute actually with her small voice. sometimes she playing by herself she will use their name like asking question. hubby's nephew also Dania manja sama dia, i can even left her with him hahaa but he's only 12years. i'm glad that my family likes to entertain Dania even when i'm busy with something i don't have to ask them to help me. terus sa sindir c hubby tu...

- when talking about food that she wants to eat cerewet jugalah dia ni. but if you give her mee she will definitely eat it. rice? must have soup tapi soup pun cerewet betul, ikut selera dia la lau chicken soup but she have two fav soup, egg soup and vono soup (not healthy). ayam pun tidak mau makan sudah sekarang. so yes everyday bingung juga apa mau bagi Dania makan bah.but ice-cream still her no.1 fav la.

- potty train? the other day i show her the pot at servay and i told her what is it for.. she was starring at it then she asked me to keep it back. hahaha! she said 'mummy keep' while poiting at the place where the pot came. funny kan, as if she don't want to use it cause dirty or she feel weird. nonetheless i will buy the pot soon. mau jimat ;)

Okay la, i think that's all that i could think about her development. panjang2 pun nant boring mau di baca kan. right now i am still planning her party, hopefully everything goes well, need to budget. raya is coming and im glad that we are here not in tawau anymore like last time sampai mau kira cuti and planning itu ini tuk balik kg, now there's no need for that.

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Nanak said...

wah,ndak lama lg Dania masuk 2y oh & still bf...congrats!
so far Fredo blm fussy lg klu makanan tp xtaulah nti..harap2 x sbb sy ni bkn penyabar..hahaha

ohya, sy bg Fredo tu organic oat :)