Friday, December 2

Tips please

What would you do when you're feeling very angry or very irritate at something or someone? beside yelling or scolding.

Well i really need some advise or tips from you, because for me when it is out of my control already or i can't stand or can't cope with it anymore i really need something to cheer me just a lil bit. like the picture above really made me smile after being so so so angry just now.

It's December already. Do tell me how.



loraloraine eve said...

klu sy, sy sindir2 2...hehehehe

Anne B. said...

moi! hahahaha ko ni sa minta tips kasi hapy diri hahahahaa

Anonymous said...

BILA SY BACA BLOG KO NI MCM SY PLK MAU MARA...heran sy mcm sy mau sindir2... SORI LA MOI, d sini plk sy t komen...SY MAU KOMEN POST KO YG 1LG BA 2...

Muhamad Rizal said...

kirim salam pada shafik lee.
selamat pengantin baru..
daripada sariati sakbar

p/s : utang SU4885A jln lupa bayar..