Wednesday, December 28

Did you watch?

After the show finish on starworld i straightly on my lappy and googled about them. i'm talking about The Bachelorette season 7 on star world!! did any of you ever watch it? i know i've been a big fan of this kind on show teeeheee! big big fan!

Maybe i sound unreal here but for me they were the best couple since the show started. why love them so much? Ashley is someone who is very goofy and fun, for Jp's character he's like any girl would want a man like that with them! seriously.

By watching this i think i get some resolution about my current situation with my other half in our marriage life. to be honest we are on the rock right now and it does frustrated me big time! so after watching this i get some point that thats the one thing or reason why i married my other half but the only problem is he's not he used to me anymore. i did cry watching this because everything that i saw on the show its like i didn't get to feel it anymore.

You can say that 'what's on tv wasn't real thing' and i'm just being stupid or silly here but to be honest it does gave me an impact, because i can relate to the show that you want your relationship to be such a way. and by seeing Jp's character i realized that my other half used to be like that and it make me so so so sad just by thinking about it.

How can i compare my other half with Jp? i am watching this show together with my aunt all the time and we always asking question to each other about the guys in the show, so when i said i really like to see Jp straightly my aunt laugh out loud and said "i knew it that you're gonna like him because your other half was like him", well not on the physical way lah except his bald head. my aunt said kinda like an officer like police etc. and that is my other half job actually, so it is so funny to think and comparing. but i strictly object what my aunt said about my other half because he's not like that anymore!

Right now my mind is busy thinking how i'm going to work this problem out between the two of us! i never talk about our problem here on my blog, but right i am seriously confuse and scared just to think about it. i really need help! i did talk about it to my family but for them it is just a small matter and there's no need to make it a big deal, so i'm kinda disappointed about it. so i just tell myself "they can say like that because they're not on your feet, you've been facing this for years already and you've got to make your own decision and just ignore what they going to say".

But until now i'm still scared to make a decision. i don't know what else to do or say.

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