Sunday, November 13

Her first

Some random stuff about my lil Dania.

This is Dania waiting for us to go inside the bus, i kinda felt pity for her at that time (just by looking at her confused face,have no idea what her mummy actually doing at that kind of place with so many people), something like emotional feeling. because as a mother you really want to give just the best in every single thing for your child and here my thought was like she still small and shouldn't be riding public transportation like this -_-,
i know i sound weird and unrealistic but that's how i feel that time.

This was when we were inside the bus already. and at the beginning as we entered the bus's door she cried and wanted to go outside. maybe she scared to be inside a space like that kan, and i started to feel scared too. i'm scared if she will be cranky or maybe crying during the whole journey, but luckily she's not! and i think she did enjoy herself, well since there's other children too inside the bus so she feels okay after seeing them.

This is her first ever Barbie! yes she's now have so much interest on Barbie and princesses. girly girl stuff. she even wore my knee-length pink skirt almost everyday. she love the skirt because when she wear the skirt it is long until touch the floor, so kinda like the barbie and princesses dress lah. if only i still have my old barbie doll that i can give to her, last time i have almost 10 of them because barbie price nowadays is not cheap like last time.

Here it was her first time doing this. i mean arranging stuff. like in the picture nowadays she likes to arrange the ABC letter but not in correct order. now Dania can remember & sing some of the ABC letter in order already but not every letter yet.

Now she know how to tell me that she wanna drink milk bottle already. i mean she develop an interest to drink it and she will ask me anytime she wants for it. but still the BF still on -_-

And last but not least everyday Dania will remind me to give her the spirulina. and she even bite it just like that! without any water! do you ever smell and try spirulina? it was disgusting (but healthy) and smells like turtle's food ^^ seriously baby will eat and bite it just like that without feeling yucky at all. just look at Dania's mouth and teeth ^^ bagus juga oh kan!

Anyway me and Dania was strike with high fever recently and we just recovered from it. it was a scary experience for me when comes to Dania part the other day. now i'm still a lil bit weak and just a little thought out of my head just now :

"when i'm sick i feel like ugly betty"


Isabel said...

Saya pun ada rasa sedih ni klo kasi ikut my baby public transportation. Ntah la kenapa..hehe

Anonymous said...

samalah anne, pernah hari tu sy naik bas sama anak2..tingu muka diorg excited tp sy sedih. mcm kecik lg bah mau 'struggle' di celah2 public sy rasa :(

Anne B. said...

hi isabel & eis...

we mothers do have the same feeling oh kan when it comes to our children, tulah macam drg tdk deserve bah tuk naik public transportation or struggle between public just to get into the public transport coz they still small kan huhuu...

anyway it is an experience for us lah kan with them :) we just try to give the best we can...