Wednesday, November 16

I wanna...

Oh how i feel like i wanna be alone. Just me myself and i staring at the scenery like above picture at my little balcony swinging with a jazzy music like Yuna's or Colbie Caillat's or Bruno Mars's...

i know its weird to feel that way. i don't why, but maybe there's too much going on in my life these days and sometimes you just wanna runaway from it and just be alone. alone means quiet blissful time just for you without any noises or voices!

Alone when you have the bed all to yourself where you can snuggle, stretch and sleep freely with your soft pillow and silky blanket sitting on the couch watching your favorite tv show by yourself without anybody disturb you. don't you ever feel that way? like free from everything. i know i do right now -_-

Maybe some little time alone for me to think about life and what's important. a time where i will jot down just anything on my little notebook, anything that maybe inspired me. A time where i can keep on browsing and browsing on pinterest and forget about facebooking.

Oh and one thing with a cup of hot vanilla latte and freshly baked scones on the table. What A Bliss!!!

Now.... when can i have all that? impossible.

Note : things that have been stolen by xxxx, my lacey cotton panty (LOL) and my olay cleanser. this is so ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

quality me-time menjadi anganan sy juga haha

AngelineJ said...

weird juga si xxxx ni. Sabar kau. At the very least your conscience is clear which is something NOT what others who are causing you grief have in all honesty.

I crave for those quiet quality time for me, myself and I also. Never the mind, let us make the best of our situation. Mangkali duduk lama lama di jamban when baby/ies are asleep is the closest to that quality time for now.

✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Astaga.... Pelik juga si xxxx ne... Smpi tu pn mo p curi.. Teda duit suda dia