Friday, November 4

Irritated !!

I am back in keningau already. Me, Dania and my grandmother ride the big bus together (will blog about it soon coz it was Dania's first time riding a bus).

Anyway i was hoping that when i come back here that everything will go smoothly and there's nothing to worry about anymore but i was so totally wrong! infact i think this is the worst ever!!! lau di fikir memang bikin gila and sangat menggeramkan!

What i meant here is that i was hoping that every single bill (our own & the bills that we share with the inlaw) are settle already and all we have to worry is to buy our everyday groceries lah, sekali nya tebalik! only 1 thing that have been paid which is our car ccm and the rest? not yet! and now all their money is gone! how stupid is that?

One thing that really pissed me off madly is they go and do and buy things that not important than the bills yang tertunggak! and ofcourse the budget for the groceries. c hubby sent the car to the workshop and he didn't even tell me about it and others give their money to the boyfriend (idiots!) and the rest of the money i don't know where they put!!!

For me their act is totally ridiculous and unthinkable! is it that hard for you to set aside all the bills money then go and settle it to the bank or whatever then only you go and buy your needs and maybe unimportant things than the bills yang akan tertunggak!

I am going crazy already just thinking about the money that gone just like that and have no idea p mana semua that money! c hubby pun satu, just two weeks i'm in kk and there goes the money. in kk i was seriously bugetting my pocket money (buy the important things only) even going back here i still have the balance, tapi dia?-_-'

I don't know already how to handle this matter. if our own money maybe i still can control and tell strictly to hubby about using it but if to tell to the inlaw about MUST pay the bills on time is hard. and i don't know how to tell to them already, even if hubby tried to ask for the bills money there will be excuses that totally ridiculous for me! seriously i am so mad and irritating at them!!

Another story again about this person that live just close to our house (i bloged about her before this actually). this person also make me so angry, why? well if this is the first time they did this i don't mind.... maybe they really need it BUT this time i don't know how many times already they did this and i can't take it anymore. hubby's grandma always helped us when it comes to money problem. but she's not living with us, so everytime she want to give us some extra money she have to ask hubby's brother (the one that living the house near to us) to hand over the money to hubby. and this is the craziest part, they never ever hand over the money!!! they took the money for themselves! this happened so many times already!! punya teruk to perangai begitu kan! betul2 muka tembok.

If only i can tell at their faces how extremely stupid their attitude is! All of them!!

And because all this i want and really really wish that we could stay at our own house! where the rule is rule and nothing to worry about. how can i do this? i need help!

Yesterday i talk to hubby about this matter until i felt like i wanna cry, tears started coming out because i don't wanna live like this! this is not how i want our life to be after moving back here from tawau. to tell the truth life at tawau was much more easier eventhough we are far from our family!!


Isabel said...

Oh..ko d tawau ka pla dulu? I thot d semenanjung.

nway, bnyk ba cbran tinggal dgn family ni kan. apa lgi klo nda berngam. sabar ja la. Kami pun pernah ni terkena gara2 slh sorg sibling hubby punya kepaluian. duit punya hal juga.

sama2 kita sabar ya. all bad things will come to an end juga. *hugs*

CathJ said...

I knew this will happen when you said you were staying with in law long time ago... (sorry ah ^_^)

I been staying with my in laws too.. imagine the whole family stay in 1 house..but my in law are wayyyyyy to good... tooo good sampai bilik kau npun kana masuk...kana pungut2 tu kain, kana cuci tu sansut... ayaaaa.... I don't like it... our room is privacy but, tu lah terlampau bagus pun susah... apa lagi kalau yg sebalik nya...kalau in law sudah masakkk, kena ketuk2 lah tu bilik kana suruh makan... feels like budak2 balik... kalau dengar, mcm best... tapi as for me... tia suka tau.. I appreciate it... but that is not how i want my life for ever.

I tell hubby that I need more space.. need privacy... I tell off... I told my hubby that my family want to come visit us, and we need a place for the familynah itu lah saya punya tektic.. ;-p... last2 i sendiri jalan2 pusing2 itu taman cari rumah sewa... I found 1 very near to the in law house juga, supaya hubby senang juga hati mau pindah sebab rumah dekat (my hubby is mommy boy kama).. so from there we stay rumah sewa almost a year juga... beranak my 1st boy di sana...

Things get better to all of us.. financially especially... and we bought a house..masing2 lah beli rumah... BERJIRAN lagi... nah... tapi tia apa yg penting tinggal sendiri... and my in law, bagus punya org tidak menyibuk selalu mengintai..hihihi... I am glad..

Now it's been 3 years now staying here..

I hope you have that courage to make your hubby find a place for both of you.. bukan mau cucuk... tapi it's very hard..

Gud luck.. :)

Anne B. said...

tq cath for ur comment :)

inlaw that im talking about ni my SIL bah ni,my MIL is also way too good to us actually. tapi ni lah ni yg my SIL i cant live like the way she's living with her kids bah....

buying a hse or rent is not an option to us,coz this is my hubby's hse and for me my SIL yg patut find her own hse but we just don't know how to tell her the truth...coz all this while she's the one taking care this hse with my MIL bah...

susa la ni..ntah cmna lagi mau handle,for me everything is in mess.

✿ Mitchell ✿ said...

Gawd!!! Sya tau ne post lama oredi.. But sya grigitan butul owh to read this tau... That's one of my 'WARNING' in future not to let any of my hubby's/my family relative live in my house, cause believe it or not, one day they're will mengacau bilau your rumah tangga juga.. That's what my mum pesan me always as cautions. Lagi2 I read your post, tambah lagi I bernekad not to let any family members of my hubby live in ne... Nti tlampau manja kan dorang - ORang tua bilang. Annie, the only way is speak to your husband jak.. Tell him about your feelings and the ketidak-adilan happened in your family. Lama2 dorang will try to 'pijak' korang tu.. Jgn biarkan gitu. Duiii.. I can only hope everything's gonna be settle after this for you dear..

Anonymous said...

Sini ba sepatutny sy komen 2 moi... Adui bgus lg kmu d sini o